Best in our sector

Poultry farming and the production of eggs are by no means simple matters: they required the right expertise and the right infrastructure. Our many years of experience in rearing birds and managing egg production, the systems we employ in conjunction with our superb facilities and equipment – all these factors constitute our guarantee of quality. The whole process of raising poultry and producing and storing eggs is vertically integrated, allowing us to ensure provision of fully guaranteed, flawless products in whatever form the customer requires.

 The processes we employ to ensure quality of production are the same at all our facilities, and represent our main comparative advantage.

  •  We take delivery of all our young birds when they are just one day old, raising them and tending them throughout their lives with feeds we prepare ourselves using raw materials of the highest nutritional value.
  • We ensure that all the necessary tests are carried out, on a daily basis, to ensure we provide our customers with eggs of high nutritional value.
  •  Every single egg undergoes a thorough process of sorting using state-of-the-art, fully automated machinery.
  •  Our products are kept refrigerated along the whole supply chain to the supermarket shelf, stored and transported in controlled conditions at a constant temperature.
  •  Our objective is to improve continually, in terms of both infrastructure and production processes, aiming to meet our customers’ every need
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